Commercial law agenda – outsourcing

Commercial law agenda – outsourcing

Outsourcing of legal services is the most common way of legal operations of many companies (including non-profit organisations). On the basis of contract concluded between the client and the Office, our law office deals with all legal matters of the client and so the client’s time is saved. A person who is running some business activities experiences the difficulty to follow up on all legal updates and to manage to perform all adequate changes in business activities, in administration of the company and contractual relations. The Office points out on all legal obligations set up by legal regulations and by supervising all legal matters of client, eliminates possible risks.

Legal outsourcing services focus on:

  • The inside of the company / client
    • The Office deals with the entire corporate agenda (general assemblies, changes in the company and so on), legal relations between the statutory bodies and the company, internal directives, protection of personal data, labour law agenda (employment contracts, agreements on work performed outside of employment contracts, termination of the employment).
  • To business partners / other entities with which the client is in touch
    • Depending on the activities of the client, our law office deals with preparation and commenting on all kinds of commercial contracts, legal counseling on competition matters, legal counseling on protection and acquisition of industrial property rights, legal counselling on the acquisition of shares in other companies (in relation to this, the Office prepares a Due diligence), the acquisition of property, sale of assets, the Office provides consultations, represents the client in negotiations with business partners and solves other legal matters with regard to the actual needs of the client.
  • Representing the client in proceedings
    • All kinds of proceedings depending on clients‘ activities.

The aim of legal outsourcing is to create conditions of constant high-quality care of the client and the possibility of using the service of the whole Office.

Legal outsourcing can be set up to meet the individual needs of the client. In case of clients, who are providers of outpatient health care, we created the basic outsourcing package called mediPRÁVNIK.