Payments for healthcare

Payments for healthcare

Health care providing has its price. It is obvious that we cannot identify health as a trade goods, but the realization of a medical performance and an overall management of the  patient is a service with high added value, which finds its expression in the form of monetary equivalent. Quality health care is closely linked to the functioning system of financing.

Our law office provides to clients:

  • legal advice and legal representation in relation to health insurance,
  • legal advice in cases of unrecognized medical performances,
  • legal advice in cases of health care without public health insurance,
  • legal advice in cases of provision of health care, that is provided over the limit set by health insurance company,
  • legal advice aimed at introducing the form of direct payment for the services provided in health care facilities (not only direct payments set in the Act no. 577/2004 Coll.), preparation of concepts, advice on the implementation of legal solutions into the activity of health care provider.

Detailed and informative system respecting valid legal requirements  for the financing of health care helps to create patient’s belief, that healthcare providers are entities that can be trusted. Healthcare provider at the same time can avoid the risk of imposing a penalty by the competent supervisory authorities for illegal collection of fees from patients.

The aim of our legal services is to reduce the risk of these penalties imposed by the competent supervisory authorities in order to optimize the income and healthcare costs. When providing these services, our law office cooperates with consultants from the area of accounting and taxation.