Compensation for health damage

Compensation for health damage

While performing a medical procedure, many difficult situations occur in relation to the definition of the obligations of healthcare providers and consequently the responsibility for their non-compliance. If the healthcare provider unlawfully intervene with the physical integrity of the patient, it will lead to the application of its liability for the suffered damage. Depending on whether the detriment occurred in the financial or non-financial sphere of the person that was damaged, detriment can be divided into economic (material, mass) damage or non-material (immaterial, moral) damage. In connection with health damage and according to the current legislation, the distress/ pain and increased difficulty of social application (as well as other sub-claims) are compensated.

There are some requirements for developing the civil liability of natural and legal persons. These requirements include:

  • an unlawful act or legally relevant harmful event,
  • occurrance of detriment/damage,
  • existence of causal link between the breach of legal obligation and occurrence of detriment/damage,
  • fault.

The evidence of the above during legal proceedings is a complex process. This requires a professional approach. In order to achieve the patient’s success and keep him from failing at minor procedural deficiencies in the dispute it is recommended to look for a qualified legal representation.

Cooperation between our law office and the patient is built on the following pillars:

  • Handling legal representation
    • On the basis of an agreement with a patient, the extent of judicial representation is determined (general courts, the Constitutional court, European court of Human Rights)and representation before state authorities ( Health care surveillance authority etc.).
  • Development of analyses and legal opinions
    • Depending on the nature of the case or client’s requests, we draw up an analysis before the proceeding, that should clarify the potential chances to success in the dispute as well as estimated cost of the whole process.
  • Consultations
    • The added value, that our law office offers, is a possibility of using the experts/consultants in various fields. The aim is to obtain an expert opinion on the matter and maximize your chances of success.

Representation in proceedings for the compensation of damage and pecuniary satisfaction of the immaterial detriment is realized throughout the territory of the Slovak Republic and thanks to the wide network of expert consultants in the field of medicine, we can work with cases of any medical issues.

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