Consultants and partners

Consultants and partners

Working with our partners and consultants allows us to approach solving our clients‘ requests from the variety of fields. Therefore, their participation in our activities is very valuable for us and constitutes high added value to our clients.

Chamber for Medical Law – MEDIUS

Chamber for Medical Law – MEDIUS is a non–political and non–profit organization, which aim is to deepen awareness of the professional and general public about the role, rights and obligations of the subjects in the field of the health care providing, with an emphasis on personal aspect of protection of the rights of patients within health care providing in all its stages and in the performance of different types of medical procedures, legal regulation of „lege artis“, status of physicians and other health care workers in health care providing and rights and obligations which arise from this position.

Institute of Applied Ethics

Institute of Applied Ethics (abbreviated to IAS) is a legal entity that incorporates two institutions. First one is a civic association called „Institute of Applied Ethics“, which deals with education and propagation of the catolic ethics‘ approach and its application to the social environment, primarily focusing on the issues of bioethics, political ethics, economic ethics, infoethincs or the Social discipline of the Church focusing on the interaction between an individual and social environment of the society. The second one is „Institution of Applied Ethics of Alexander Spesz“, which is set up as a workplace of Technical University in Kosice, dealing with an issue similar to civic association’s. Its role is to teach the mentioned ethical disciplines in the academic environment and deepen scientific contacts with other entities in the field of science and education in this area. IAS always and simultaneously represents both legal entities and act on their behalf for the purpose of popularization and application of ethics to the social environment.

Center of bioethics UNESCO

Center of bioethics UNISCO at University of Prešov, Faculty of philosophy, aims to create a platforms to share and exchange knowledge and experience in the field of science and education in bioethics in Slovakia and central Europe. The project follows the priorities of UNESCO and corresponds with the 6th goal of Strategic programme of UNESCO callled The support of the principles, practicesand ethical norms relevant to scientific and technological environment. The main objective of UNISCO department at Faculty of philosophy, Prešov, is to contribute to the creation and sharing of new ideas on the ethical and moral issues in medicine, biotechnology, biomedical research and nursing in Slovakia, in central Europe and possibly in other parts of the world.

Magazine Law and Management in health care

We work with professional magazine Law and management in health care, which is designed for health care providers, health care workers and lawyers who focus on this area.


Company that specialises in land surveying by using a method of 3D laser scanning, the company is capable of the most difficult land surveys.