Lecturing and education

Lecturing and education

Education is an important part of the implementation  of legal solutions to the provider’s activities. Situation in which the provider obtains a type of legal solution, however he does not ensure its use in the practice is a frequent lack. In relation to this, the followed purpose is missed when presenting a request to the Office.

Members of this law Office have experience with education of adults (whether in the field of medical law or other legal fields). Law office is working for several years with the Chamber of Medical Law – MEDIUS  on the project called „Medical law in other way“, which takes place at the Faculty of law in Kosice. The Office participates in supervision of students and carries out lectures for members of health professional associations. The Office also provides tutoring services as well as training modules provided by the Chamber of Medical Law – MEDIUS.

The aim of lecturing health care workers and management of the health care provider is to present the selected group of healthcare workers to the new solution. The education is conducted in an interactive way – the participant would test the issue lectured on his/her own skin, is exposed to simulated situation from the real world and is forced in the context of educational solutions to formulate his/her own opinion on the procedure. The lecturer acts as “guide” who directs the participants, and at the end of the learning module makes the explanation and unifying conclusion where he points out the correctness/incorrectness of chosen solutions and presents the correct way to the participants.

The location of lectures

Our law office offers the possibility of giving the lectures at the location specified by the client (within the Slovak republic or Czech republic) or in multimedia teaching room of the Chamber of Medical Law – MEDIUS on Mäsiarska 6 street.  The  capacity of the room is maximum of 24-30 persons.

The content of lectures

Our law office can prepare a training module on the basis of our client’s requirements so his particular needs would be satisfied.

The basic topics of lecturing modules (as well as an explanation of the methodology of lectures) are listed on the website of the Chamber of Medical Law – MEDIUS, for which our law office delivers lecturing services.

For the area of pharmaceutical law, our law office offers these basic lecturing modules (on the basis of client’s requirements it is possible to adapt them or create the special module):

  • Ethical principles and norms relating to medical law with an emphasis on the provision of pharmaceutical care
  • Provider of pharmaceutical care – business requirements, selected legal issues
  • Informatory obligations of the provider of pharmaceutical care (towards the patient, Slovak Chamber of Pharmacists and selected state authorities)
  • Liability for the damage caused in the provision of pharmaceutical care (the basics), who is responsible for the damage – doctor or pharmacist? (specific questions on the issue of different medicine than doctor prescribed),
  • Advertising and competition in the area of pharmaceutical care
  • How does the correct “legally secured” pharmacy look like? ( note the specific risks involved in the business),
  • Changes in the legislation of medical law and their impact on business of the providers of pharmaceutical care,
  • New pharmaceutical legislation (Act no. 362/2011 Coll. and 363/2011 Coll.) – basic characteristics, differences from the old legislation, news
  • New Act on medicine and its impact on the operation of pharmacies (questions of liability for damage, obligations towards the supervisory authorities and so on)
  • New pharmaceutical legislation and its reflection in the settings of the pricing policy of the pharmaceutical companies
  • The position and duties of the subject of the medicine and medicinal products market in relation to the supervisory authorities in the field of pharmacy (delictual liability, penalties and administrative procedure)
  • Clinical trials of medicines and medicinal products in the light of the new legislation (the status, duties and rights of subjects)
  • Liability for the damage on health of clinical trial participants (how to minimize the risk of damage, the conditions of liability for damage, the solution of fortuitous event, legal and ethical principles of communication with research participants, solution of fortuitous event before the court)