Analyses and counselling

Analyses and counselling

The patient should be an entity which has been given most attention not only in terms of health but also in terms of human rights.

The patient is, in fact, giving himself to the healthcare workers, because he trusts them and he believes, that they can improve his health, find out what is the reason for his pain and eventually heal him.

There is an interference with the personal rights of the patient  – physical, mental, in privacy, intimacy and so on, while providing a health care to the patient. Setting up a broad collection of fundamental rights of the patient has its roots in national and  international level as  well (e.g. Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine etc.). The most fundamental rights are for example right to information or the right to professional secrecy. The group of those rights, that are often forgotten, consists of the right to human, ethical and dignified approach and the right to relieve suffering.

Our legislation broadly captures the procedure, that should be followed when providing a heath care, so that there would not be the breach of patient’s rights. However,  this area is under the principle that  says that the law is not a detailed guide. Sometimes it happens that the procedure of health care worker seems to be fine  according to the law, but in principle there has been a fundamental violation of patient’s rights. It is important to evaluate the process of providing a complex health care. In this mater it is necessary to have the widest possible overview of the medical law  and, at the same time, be able to apply this knowledge in practice.

Our law office offers patients consulting in enforcing their rights while receiving medical care. Representing patients is realized throughout the territory of the Slovak Republic and thanks to the wide network of expert consultants in the field of medicine, we can work with cases of any medical issues.