Other specialization

Other specialization

Software solutions and personal data protection

Electronic delivery of health services to the final user. Collection and processing of medical data of individuals. Electronic interaction between the service provider and its users have a number of similarities. Lawyers of h&h PARTNERS provide legal advices to team working on the development of software solutions that deals with medical data of patients/users. Our task is to ensure that the proposed applications or websites meet the standards of national and international legislation related to protection of personal data.

Counselling for projects of applied medicine

Intersections of medical knowledge in various areas of social life are often in the form of unexpected contexts. Our involvement in the academic environment gives us the advantage of linking “experimental” requirements of our clients and rules of legal regulation in practice. Lawyers of h&h PARTNERS advise on projects related to the application of medical knowledge in new positions. We provide settings of these projects in the way that the requirements for the protection of personal rights of individuals, confidentiality of health care workers and strict ethical standards are met.

Advice on the handling of tissues, cells and organs

Lawyers of h&h PARTNERS advise on the disposal of organs and cells, or using other substances of human origin.