Analyses and legal opinions

Analyses and legal opinions

Our law office is engaged in the preparation of legal analyses that are aimed at assessing the concrete issues arising from the specific activities of health care providers.

We analyze general issues of health care providing as well as highly specific legal issues, e.g.:

  • ensuring of medical records and correct administration of medical records,
  • protection of the patient’s personality,
  • substitute methods of procreation – questions of consent, privacy of donors, the period of validity of consents, responsibility for the performance of assisted reproduction,
  • inhibitory methods of procreation,
  • questions of ex vivo and ex mortuo transplantation, postmortem care of the human body for the purposes of transplantation,
  • biomedical research,
  • urgent health care, resuscitation issues and conditions of the abandonment of resuscitation,
  • the questions of the legal status of human body and its separate parts,
  • financing of health care services through direct payments from patients.