JUDr. Peter Gabrik

JUDr. Peter Gabrik


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JUDr. Peter Gabrik graduated from The University of Pavol Jozef Šafárik in Košice, Faculty of Law. Previously, he worked at the law office FUTEJ & Partners, Ltd. with the international range and later for the Slovak Land Fund at the legal department, dept. of litigation, in which he has acquired a deep knowledge in the field of civil process, real estate law, restitution and public administration.


  • The University of Pavol Jozef Šafárik in Košice, Faculty of Law, (2011), Master of Laws – Mgr.
  • The University of Pavol Jozef Šafárik in Košice, Faculty of Law, (2014), Doctor of Laws – JUDr.


Commercial and civil law

In the field of commercial law and in the cooperation with partners of the office, he primarily specializes in contract law, law of obligations and company law. In this area, he focuses on the development and analysis of contracts for business and legal subjects, he assists in the establishment and liquidation of companies. Within the civil law JUDr. Peter Gabrik focuses on contract law, employment law, real estate law and intellectual property law.

Constitutional law

JUDr. Peter Gabrik deals with constitutional rights its and interference in legal practice. Within the framework of the law office he is dedicated to issues of legal arguments, interpretation of the law, the analysis and study of the case-law of the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights. JUDr. Peter Gabrik participates in the preparation of constitutional complaints and filings, the object of which is a violation of fundamental human rights and freedoms.

Medical law

JUDr. Peter Gabrik is dedicated to the provision of legal services to health care providers, legal aspects of personal data protection and privacy of medical records, liability in the provision of healthcare and patients’ rights.

Pharmaceutical law

JUDr. Peter Gabrik also deals with issues of pharmaceutical law, including, inter alia, for example the issues of placing the product on the market, its categorization, and marketing issues of medicaments and medical devices. He also participates in the preparation of complex contract documentation and documentation necessary for the operation of subjects of the pharmaceutical market.

Land law

JUDr. Peter Gabrik is focused on the ownership of real estate, particularly land, construction law and land use (zoning) planning. Subject of such agenda is the comprehensive assessment of the “settlement” of property rights and set the most appropriate solution to achieve the intended purpose with respective property or land. He also deals with the issue of unidentified or unknown owners in Slovakia. He participated in major development projects, particularly from the selection of a suitable location, elaboration of due diligence whether the acquisition of land and its use is suitable for the development project. He has gained lots of practical experience in relation to land Communities (common properties).

Administrative law

JUDr. Peter Gabrik has experience in representing clients in administrative proceedings, especially in actions against decisions made by administrative bodies or municipal authorities. Hence, his experience can be used in representing clients in restitution proceedings, the proceedings of ROEP at land consolidation.