Satisfaction of immaterial detriment

Satisfaction of immaterial detriment

In case of damage to health, usually it is possible to require the pecuniary satisfaction of the immaterial detriment pursuant to § 13 of the Civil Code.

The purpose of this institute is to compensate the cases of the violation of individual’s right to protection of his/her personhood, in particular of his/her life and health, private and family life. There are often cases when the family sought compensation for the death of a loved one. Compensation for distress/ pain and increased difficulty of social application is not applicable in case of person’s death, because when person dies, these claims cease to exist. So this pecuniary satisfaction of the immaterial detriment is the only way to get the financial satisfaction for caused death.

In the conditions of the Slovak Republic, this way of the application of pecuniary satisfaction is slowly starting to become regular, while in western European countries this is a common mechanism for compensation. Courts avoid granting these entitlements because of their non-traditional character. In those circumstances, it is necessary to build a representation before courts and other authorities on precise and convincing arguments. Therefore it is important to know how to swim in waters of court decisions, opinions of legal theory, legal regulations in this area, and at the same time, combine these knowledge and edit it with the professional advices of our consultants.

Our law office offers to persons, whose personal rights have been damaged in the course of providing health care, services in order to identify their entitlement and its recovery from the responsible subject.

Representation in proceedings for the compensation of damage and pecuniary satisfaction of the immaterial detriment is realized throughout the territory of the Slovak Republic and thanks to the wide network of expert consultants in the field of medicine, we can work with cases of any medical issues.

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