Employment law agenda

Employment law agenda

Labour law

In area of labour law, our law office provides complete legal services, primarily targeted on employer’s subjects. These services include formation and review of Employment contracts and other interlinked Agreements (agreement on material responsibility). Our law office participates in formulation of internal instructions of the employer, such as working regulations. Legal counselling of the Office includes matters of termination of employment and also risks of certain ways of termination of employment. The Office provides legal representation in labour disputes, not only on a side of employer but on side of employee as well (claims from damage liability, invalid termination of employment, and breach of non-competition clause and more).

Employment services

Our law office provides legal services to supported employment agencies, temporary employment agencies and organizations that have been granted the status of a social enterprise. In doing so, the Office is engaged in legal solving of various kinds of national projects of socio-legal and family policies, which are implemented by non-profit organizations.

Social security law

In the field of social security, our law office provides clients with advice on demanding their constitutional social rights, which are supposed to relieve social and economic inequalities in society, e.g. by directing clients with acquirement of grants, which are provided for example to persons with disabilities or persons who have an inadequate material security.